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Our Story

Real group of companies 's founder, (Late) Mr. Hulas Mal Dulichand Dugar, descended from an ancient Indian family of precious stone craftsmen. In 1921, he established his first gemstone business companys in the historical city of Fatehpur, Rajasthan , India.
They started trading in pearls , Collecting finest quality of gemstones from the near villages and selling in the city of Mumbai , India. Later, Mr. Hulas Mal Dulichand Dugar's 4th son , Mr. Kesari Singh Dugar Expanded the business in the historical city of Jaipur,Rajasthan,India. with their hard work and dedications , they started the building up reputation in the domestic market . Later in 1980s, Mr. Kesari Singh Dugar 's 3 ( three ) Sons, Mr. Vinay Dugar , Mr. Vikas Dugar & Mr . Vivek Dugar joined the hands together and expanded the business globally. Currently, we are located in
New York, USA.
Bangkok, Thailand.
we are dedicated to build a better future for our prestigious customers , business partners . We are truly honored that highest jewelers and end-users have trusted on us. We will continue, at great lengths to earn their confidence, and business. Real group of companies is focused on providing the highest level of quality and customer service in the highest quality of the Gemstones. It is our objective, not only to meet our customer's needs, but also to exceed their expectations .
Main principle of the Real Group of Companies is to offer our prestigious customers highest qualities of natural stones with full trust which they can pass on to next generations .

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